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The Asian Society for Psoriasis (the ASP)

The President
OZAWA Akira, M.D. & Ph.D., JAPAN

As a preliminary step, we were made a plan to hold "The Tokai International Psoriasis Summit 2014 (the TIPS 2014)". We believed that to hold such a meeting must be have to useful and variable for the development of future research with keeping the friendship and introduction of research activities of each other.
However, the TIPS 2014 was not held by any support from societies and sponsored special funds, but it became held with research funds of Tokai University only. Namely, we wanted to be able to discuss without any bias from pharmaceutical companies etc. at the TIPS 2014. The TIPS 2014 had two main objectives in mind. One goal was to get "To Know Others" and the other was To Do Something Together".

After that, the Asian Summit for Psoriasis (the ASP 2016, the president: Dr. YOUN Jai Il) in Seoul, Korea and the International Psoriasis Symposium at the 5th Eastern Asia Dermatology Congress (the EADC 2018, the president: Dr. ZHENG Min) in Kunming, China were held with an extension of the same spirit in the meeting of TIPS 2014.

And more over, many International Meetings for Psoriasis were held in Asian region (ex. the Chinese Psoriasis Conference, the President: Dr. ZHANG Xeujun, the Xi'an International Psoriasis Symposium, the president: Dr. WANG Gang, Asian Psoriasis Symposium by the Annual Meetings of the Japanese Society for Psoriasis Research, Korea-Japan Joint Meetings for Psoriasis by the Korean Society for Psoriasis, and so on.

From results in this several years, first strengthen the psoriasis research activities in the Asian region, academic and global organization making was, we have been expected to go is constructed with help of each country of Psoriasis Society.
And in 2019, the Asian Society for Psoriasis was established according to the result of meeting on Dec. 2018 at Beijing, China.

We would like to ask you for joying to the Asian Society for Psoriasis, and giving us your cooperation and support in future work continuously, by all means.

Let us Study to know others and to do something together as to Psoriasis!

Welcome message from the Honorary President

The Honorary President
YOUN Jai Il, M.D. & Ph.D., KOREA

Dear the members of ASP and colleagues.

I'm YOUN Jai Il from Seoul, Korea serving as the honorary president of the Asian Society for Psoriasis (ASP). I express my sincere thanks to our members, board of directors and respectable colleagues to have a chance serving contribution for ASP.

Psoriasis is a chronic cutaneous disease with papules and plaques with white scales on them. Psoriasis is a common skin disease throughout the world. When compared with Caucasian, prevalence rate is lower in Asians, however it has been increasing noticeably.

ASP will be recognized as a leading society for psoriasis for new knowledge of research, education and patient care in Asian region and expanding global community. I hope ASP will develop to represent virtually near all specialist in Psoriasis and chronic inflammatory diseases in Asian region.

ASP will influence, encourage and assist members and societies of members in Asian region. All of the work undertaken by ASP on behalf of members will be done by a definite vision and mission for a development of ASP.

Over the past decades, we have widened its focus beyond the pathogenesis and new incorporated issues related to therapy, comorbidity and so on in psoriasis.

I would like to encourage everyone visit our website and get a new valuable issues and information through the widened focus about psoriasis.
I believe ASP will become an excellent academic society that listen to the valuable opinions of members and societies of members for development of our society.

I will work for the growth of ASP to the best of my abilities.

Sincerely yours.

Welcome message from the Honorary President

The Honorary President

Dear Colleagues,

I'm Dr. ZHENG Min from Hangzhou, China serving as the honorary president of the Asian Society for Psoriasis (ASP). I'd like to express my hearty thanks to our members, board of directors and respectable colleagues to have a chance serving our own contribution for ASP.

Psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease with a spectrum of clinical phenotypes and results from the interplay of genetic, environmental, and immunological factors. Decades of both clinical and basic researches on psoriasis have elucidated many of the pathogenic mechanisms underlying disease and paved the way to more effective targeted therapies. We come here together to build and serve an Asian Psoriasis Society, to review this progress and to identify future directions in order to have a more integrative research approach and to aim at further improving the patients' life. Future directions call for a refinement of the current knowledge through a more integrative approach. As the technologies produce a vast amount of data ("omics"), the collection of genetic variations, gene expression, proteomics, and clinical information call for integrative computational methods, or "translational bioinformatics," to develop and improve methods for storing, retrieving, organizing, and analyzing biological data. The derivation of molecular signatures using omics data is increasingly expanding and can be further implemented by mining publically available data sets.

We live in a era of digital communication. All those progresses could not be achieved without the good organization of APS. We will serve the ASP heart and soul and hope ASP will finally develop into a leading Asian region for new knowledge of research, education and medical care in patients with psoriasis.

Sincerely yours.

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