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Epidemiological Investigation in Asia

Epidemiological Investigation for Psoriasis in Asian Region

At the pre-meeting of the ASP on December 7-8, 2018 Beijing, China, basing on the concept of “To do something together,” which is one of the purposes of the academic convention, the same case card in fiscal 2020 using the same survey period, it has been adopted to conduct an epidemiological survey of psoriasis in the Asian region.

In principle, as noted below, the survey will be conducted targeting each facility of all Board members of the ASP; the President, the Vice Presidents, the Honorary Presidents, the Honorary Advisors, the Special Advisors, the Directors and the Secretaries.

If there is facility which want to participants in investigation from facilities other than the Board Members of the ASP, we will apply for addition. In this case, at the first, please contact to the Secretary General of the ASP ; Dr.MABUCHI Tomotaka, JAPAN (

All case cards of psoriasis will be analyzed under the Secretary General.
At “The ASP Tokyo 2020”, the Secretary General will have a presentation as to the summary of the Epidemiological Investigation for Psoriasis in Asia 2020.
And the results for this investigation will be printed on the Proceedings of the ASP Tokyo 2020 in the Home Page on Website for Member and Supporting Member of the ASP only, and moreover it's manuscript will be also submitted to be published in an International Journal in English.

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