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Epidemiology 2019-2020

Epidemiological Investigation for Psoriasis in Asian Region

At the pre-meeting of the ASP on December 7-8, 2019 Beijing, China, basing on the concept of "To do something together," which is one of the purposes of the academic convention, the same case card in fiscal 2019-2020 using the same survey period, it has been adopted to conduct an epidemiological survey of psoriasis in the Asian region.
And now, according to this decision, the secretariat is currently working on its preparation.

1. Ethics Committee (The End of Deliberation is targeted at the End of July)

In clinical research in medicine, the ethical consideration is now required. We think that there may be a difference in the ethics committee method and so on in each country. Therefore, based on the examination method of the ethics committee in the each country, our project will be judged in each country.
Already, in Japan, as the representative hospital of Japanese research group, our project has been judging now by the ethics committee of Tokai University Hospital.
After we have documents for the permission from the ethics committee of Tokai University Hospital, they will be sent to all Japanese ASP directors from Japanese secretary immediately. After that, please the all directors will have a permission of ethics committee of own hospital using the documents for permission from the ethics committee of Tokai University Hospital.
The secretaries of each country except Japan should proceed in such a way as to obtain research approval from the ethics committee at each hospital of all directors of the country, as in Japan. Generally speaking, ethics examinations often take time, so please secretaries in each country, would you make the procedures as soon as possible. Therefore, we really would like to ask for the cooperation of Secretaries of each country.

2. Case card

Regarding the creation of a unified case card in this survey, the board of directors' deliberations by e-mail were repeated (with four times), and a case card like the attached files was approved by all directors of the ASP. And based on this, we are currently applying for deliberation at the Ethics Committee.

3. Method of Survey

Everything, we are currently thinking, will be utilized the ASP home page on the Website. In other words, the purpose, method, the case card (posting of paper, collection method, etc.) and reporting (the ASP 2020, Tokyo) and so on for the Epidemiological Survey will be shown on the Website.

4. Survey Participation Facilities

In principle, as noted below, the survey will be conducted targeting each facility of all Board members of the ASP; the President, the Vice Presidents, the Honorary Presidents, the Honorary Advisors, the Special Advisors, the Directors and the Secretaries.
If there is facilities which want to participants in investigation from facilities other than the Board Members of the ASP, we will apply for addition.

5. Survey Period and Survey Subjects

Subjects are all patients with psoriasis who visited each facility from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020 for one year.

6. Analysis for the Case Cards

All case cards from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020, will be analyzed under the Secretary General. Therefore, we really would like to ask for assistance, advices, suggestions and so on from the operation of the Secretaries of each country.

7. Reporting of the Result

At the ASP 2020, The Secretary General will be have a presentation as to the summary of the Epidemiological Investigation for Psoriasis in Asia 2019-2020. And the results for this investigation will be printed on the Proceedings of the ASP 2020, and moreover it's manuscript will be also submitted to be published in a International Journal in English.

How to register on the Case cards, in detail, will be announced by the middle of August, 2019 in this Homepage on the Web site.

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