The Asian Society for Psoriasis

Concept & Purpose


The concept of "the Asian Society for Psoriasis" is "To Know Others and To Do Something Together ", and it is not only meaningful, but also in demand.
Therefore, we will share the concepts and collaborate, and ultimately hope to establish an official academic organization for psoriasis that represent Asia.


According to the Concepts of the ASP, the following matters have to be considered and carried out smoothly and appropriately.

1. "To Know Others"

  1. Make a chance an encourage more doctors and lectures from foreign countries outside the country where the academic conference is held to attend.
  2. Promote an encourage young dermatologists to have the opportunity to participate and learn in an exchange program in various regions in Asia.
  3. Assist the establishment of an official psoriasis organization in regions that do not have such organization.

2. "To Do Something Together"

  1. Epidemiological study of psoriasis
  2. Research on the efficacy of treatment and side effects
  3. Research on Quality of Life (QOL)
  4. (1) Assessing the difference in a survey of QOL between doctors and patients
    (2) Assessing the change in QOL value before and after treatment
  5. Establishing an educational system for young dermatologists regarding psoriasis
  6. Establishing a system to educate patients with psoriasis
  7. Co-writing a textbook on psoriasis
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